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< < This post is dedicated to the wonderful people in Ewing. I miss you all. >>

On 28th July, I completed one year in the United States. Thanks to Facebook, I was notified about the same with the status update a year back:

It has hardly been a day and I’m already missing the irregularities and chaos among many other things.

The last entry in The States Diary is more than 9 months old now. And, like I have mentioned in my last entry, there is not just as much ‘excitement’ here for me as it was in Mumbai. Anyways, I have visited a few places here in the last 9 months and although I said that the stay hasn’t been exactly “exciting”, the trips were definitely memorable to say the least.

After the last post, which was in October 2014, it was time to welcome the winter. If you’re in the east coast of the States, you can very easily comprehend the emotion behind the famous Games of Thrones dialogue – “Winter is coming!“. You just can’t plan anything in those 4-5 months. The greenery goes away and it’s black and white everywhere. You have to clean your car everyday before you can drive it to office. Your car wheels may not obey your steering wheel if the roads are icy. You have to wear clothes of weight more than yours before you leave from your home. There are a lot of reasons for people to hate winter. But, I somehow liked it – may be because it was the first winter for me here. The other reason can very well be the fact, as people told me, that it was not as bad as the previous year.

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The States Diary – Page 1


Well, to be very frank, the main reason behind writing this post is that I want to keep the habit of posting in my blog intact. Having said that, I must admit, and I guess you would agree, that experience of life in a new place is, most of the times, worth writing in diary.

A lame start to this post must have indicated that there is not so much excitement after all. You have guessed it and you’re right. It might sound strange but it was hell lot fun when I had come to Mumbai; hell lot of excitement. May be because I had so many friends accompanying me. Not ‘may be’, I realize it ‘is’ for sure. While writing those posts in Mumbai Dairy, I was much more excited about which things to mention, how much details to go into, which pictures to use and all the related stuff. I always used to bug my friends – “Hey, see what I have posted in my blog!!! It was so much fun right!!!”. I miss my family and all my friends.

BUT, I must make this very clear now – this place is really great. There are so many things to experience, so many places to visit. Places are so developed and sophisticated that more than often you go to a place and realize that it would not be possible in your country for at least another 20 years. The people are very nice. Even if they don’t know you, they would wave their hands, say “Hi” with a warm smile and ask you “How are you doing today?”, they would hold the door for you even if you’re 5 seconds away.
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