JNV Days – The Slap Stories


With all due respect for all my teachers in school, I must point here out that hitting a 11-12 year old is hardly ever an act of a grown up. In JNV, those 11-12 year olds stay away from their parents and are in the phase of learning a hell lot of things to do on their own. Those kids look up to the teachers in search of love and care they were used to from their parents. Having said that, I must also add that I have witnessed some very devilish minds in my school who could only be tamed with a slap in the correct cheek. πŸ™‚

I wasn’t exactly a ‘Devil’. In fact I was one of the good students in the school (at least officially ;)), but I have got some slaps registered on my cheeks too. Here are few I remember:

1. The Second Day: This is the one I can never forget. This was my second day in the hostel and first day when I was getting ready for school by myself. After managing to get a bath in the queued bathrooms, I thought I was doing pretty well. When I reached my bed from bathroom, one of the guys, who had already become my friend on the first day, asked if I have got the sheets and plates from the teacher standing outside. I rushed outside as soon as I could and saw the teacher (I’m not going to name anyone here) standing next to a stack of sheets. Before I could say anything, he asked me if I have got the sheets and plates. I said ‘No’ and boom, a slap out of nowhere. I really couldn’t figure out the reason but he seemed quite angry. Till date I haven’t been able to solve the mystery.

2. The Senior: Okay, this is my favorite one. We were in 6th standard which means we were the youngest and smallest in the jungle called JNV. So, a senior, an immediate senior actually, had made his daily routine to come to our hostel and bully us in the funniest of ways. We (people in our house) were really annoyed. So, one day the senior came to our room asking for a bucket because he wanted to poop in our hostel. He could have asked gently but he never lost the charm. After he left the room, few masterminds in our room decided to teach the senior a lesson when he comes back to return the bucket. And he came, and as soon as he did, the room was locked, lights were off, and ‘things’ happened. The incident didn’t become public until the next year when he was beaten, this time by our house master because of one of my complaints of he bullying me in another funny way (something related to biology book). He wanted a revenge and told our house master about that incident of him being beaten a year back. I was reported as the one who shut the doors. I was also the house captain. I got the slap from my house master which I know I deserved. But I was proud of myself. πŸ™‚

3. The Cricket Match: Well, you might be surprised but we had the concept of mass bunk in school too! What’s a better way to bunk a class than a cricket match! So, it was a Sunday, a teacher had scheduled an extra class to catch up with the syllabus. We stuck with our plan for the cricket match. One of the reason was that the teacher was super cool with us. He was very friendly and nice to all of us, so it was kind of us taking advantage of the situation. One guy except everyone was good with the plan of Cricket match instead of the class. We went ahead with bunking the class and the other guy went ahead with his plan to attend the class. Long story made short, all playing 11 and extras were summoned to school, commanded to kneel down outside the class, and then given some well deserved beating. Later I was informed (by the teacher) that the other guy had named me as the leader who led the team to the field. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. πŸ™‚

4. Atomic Mass: For some reason, a teacher was angry on me. I don’t exactly remember the reason because it was something she couldn’t exactly point out as a reason to beat me. So, she chose to ask a random question, like the atomic mass of mercury. I’m not much of a nerd but I remembered the atomic number. So, I thought how much could the atomic mass be different from double of the atomic number! I said 160, and got a tight slap. Not well deserved, but I considered myself a martyr nonetheless. πŸ˜›

There are other stories too, but these are the few memorable ones. I must mention here that the teacher in story# 1 was one of the nicest teachers in the school. The senior in stroy# 2 is one of the coolest guys now. When I look back I realize that there are hardly any bad memories. There was always something to learn or to make fun about. πŸ™‚

P.S. – Don’t ask me the names. Guess if you can! πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “JNV Days – The Slap Stories

  1. Dr Sanyasi Satapathy

    Hi dear really nice of u to conglomerate such a past and make a post. every one must have such finest incidences there but can we make one web cite whr we can publicly make access for all will u plan with some agency who use to make such web site for our alumni and maintain it too if u cn support pls dont forget to cnt me at 9439579987

    • Jaygovind Sahu

      Hi Sanyasi Da,

      May be you don’t know but I have tried, not once but twice, to make the website thing work. Looks like people don’t actually like visiting a separate website and stick to Facebook and other social networking websites. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a solution to that. πŸ™

  2. sushil nag

    ek number heiche dost…kuch yadein taja heigala…i think i could guess both the teachers but not the senior one…..can u mention the name of the friend u hv talked abt in the 1st story???….bcoz i dnt knw u remember it or not but on the 1st day wen beds wer provided to evry1,i was not given as all the beds wer filled up..so house master suggest me to adjust one night with some1 & he convinced me & my father that he wil provide the bed on the next day..on the next day i was shifted to kashi house,next to dharma bed…..in the story the point is that the person or frnd with whom i share the bed was uuuuuuu….thanks 2 u dost bcoz u urself 4m urside told me that “u can share my bed with me”…so u r my 1st friend on jnv..

  3. Tarani Meher

    How did I miss such a post in your blog !!! Very nice one. I don’t have to ask you any name here as I know all of them :P.
    While reading it, I was trying to count the SLAPS I was blessed with, and the answer was 50 or more (more has no limit). I am a person who has the blessings (SLAP obviously) of all my teachers though out and also a famous recipient of this most coveted award in School πŸ™‚

    Waiting for your new stories from the second innings of life :).

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