JNV Days – The Love Stories


The Common Story (of all boys)

For a lot of boys in JNV, ‘love’ was more of an excitement of falling in love with someone instead of actually falling in love. It is really difficult to notice the difference – especially when you’re in school and again, if you don’t want to notice the difference.

The boy sees a pretty girl, and a story starts. The concept is sometimes as simple as that. Before the boy has any idea of what’s happening, his friends pitch in and explain that he’s met the love of his life and from that point his only aim should be to talk with her. The boy wants that to be true. You know, you’re sometimes the best person to convince yourself of something.

JNV is a residential school. From the perspective of the boy, there is a lot of opportunities for him to get a glimpse of the girl. If you’re in the same class, you have at least 6 hours of subjects together everyday. Even if you’re not in the same class, there are lot of other activities – the girls’ queue to the dining hall, to the administrative building, to the evening prayer, and some boys even followed girls to highly restricted places too (I’m not going to go into the details).

Even after a lot of effort, which mainly consisted of shy glimpses, most of the boys failed to even start a conversation with the girl, let alone professing love.

But not all.

The Love Letter

One of our friends had written a love letter in class 6th itself. The girl complained and the boy had to face some overly critical teachers and some overly excited friends. In fact, the friends were more excited than the boy and the girl.

P.S.  (Read twist) the boy claims that he had not written any letter. The girl was not able to produce anything. May be the girl wanted there to be something. Who knows!

The Blood Test

Another friend of ours chose to take advantage of the Biology project to get close to his lady love. I mean really close. Close enough to draw blood with a needle, test it and determine the blood group. It seemed God was on his side. It took 3 attempts for the needle to draw a sample of blood and he got to hold her delicate hands longer than usual. The boy describes the touch as “heavenly”.

The Small Talk

Another friend was not so much brave as his friends. He was finding it very difficult to even start a conversation, even though the girl was 3 years junior to him, and despite tremendous peer pressure. One fine day, he decided to break the ice. During a short break from class, he came out of the class, stood on the way where the girl would go to enter her classroom and waited for her. As the girl came, he asked her “Hey, where are you going?”. “To my classroom” the girl replied. “Go” – and that was the end of the conversation.

The Triumph

This is another story of a boy and a girl but it is not just another story. I don’t know when it started. But by the time they were appearing for the board exam of 10th, I think they knew it was not just another fling for either of them. The boy was not so good in studies and the girl was definitely better. When the results were out, the girl had to make a choice to choose between Science and Arts streams. The boy did not have the choice; he had to go with the Arts. The girl’s decision to choose Arts despite pressure from family and teachers surprised many but it betrayed her determination and belief that she could make everything work.

Fast forward to the day when class 12th results were out: Both came out as toppers on Regional level on different subjects. The whole school was proud of them. Both were winners. Against all odds, and assumption of so called experienced guardians who believe falling in love makes people irresponsible and can destroys careers – they won. And they inspired many with their triumph.

Girls’ Perspective

You must have noticed that the whole article was from the boys’ perspective. I really wish I had some words from a girl’s perspective. I am sure most of the girls will not confess any such stories from their side. If anyone wants to prove me wrong, please let me know. πŸ™‚

The Secret Stories

There are lot of other stories. Like I have said, please collaborate and share your memories – just for a smile if nothing else. πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “JNV Days – The Love Stories

  1. Tarani

    Haha, so simple and short yet capable of taking us back to those moments… superb writing skills my friend.
    Go on and add the other lil stories.. anyway those are the moments πŸ˜‰

  2. S A Francis Ishmael

    Best of best friend very hard to find…
    but, I am glad I having mine from my play school to my degree College.
    Inbetween this long journey I spent five year in JNV which taught me the way of study, manner, discipline and much more other good activities.
    This short period of my life totally erased from my memory like retrograde amnesia?. But after look out this article of our tiny-tiny truth love story of friends, it seems funny and interesting.
    Though I’m not able to remember the past period which one passed out, I requestin’ to all navodayan plz collaborate with Jaygovind by adding much more story and complete this Article. It gives pleasure to go on PAST☺.
    Thank you Jaygovind for such a good start.
    Its truly nice.


    Nice stories dost.. Though these are short , very heart touching… 3rd one is really humorous. . (whose one ? ) . Dost , go on writing. ,we r waiting for more such humorous nd interesting stories. …

  4. Alingan Patra

    There was a boy and a girl. There was another boy and same girl. But that girl got another boy. But the boy got his true love from another girl. They are happly married ever after…

    Yes, you are right.

  5. nilamani

    those were moments of excitement. enormous strength was coming to the mind and body those times, all thoughts & deeds while seems odd to others never seemed odd to that mind & in that point of time.. but definitely the time there changes life & carry it in its tide ,those survived who never entered into it or knows to swim well against all tide. weaker like me carried away to far

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