I Have Got a Lot of Time


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any incident or any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

[Continued from Always at Your Service]

She: I don’t know how I’ll manage everything. We don’t have much time.

He: Don’t worry dear. We will manage everything. And time – well, I have got a lot of it.

>> 5 seconds of silence (She looks away from him and wipes away something below her eyes. That, making sure he doesn’t notice)

He: What?

She: What ‘what’?

He: Nothing.

She: No, tell me. You wanted a reply to that? A reply to your philosophical “I have a lot of time”?

He: Oho! Cool down madam. May be I don’t know anymore. I don’t know what to talk and what not.

She: Not like that. It’s just that… Forget it.

>> 5 seconds of silence

She: I have talked to that Guitar trainer. I have convinced him; he can come to the hospital. I also talked to one of the doctors…

He: Hey hey… wait. You don’t have to do all that.

She: But, you wanted to…

He: I don’t want anymore. I knew creating that list was stupid. Let’s just not discuss about that. I think you took me seriously when I said “I have a lot of time”. (Smiling)

She: Was that supposed to be funny?

He: I thought so. But looks like it is not. (Still smiling) But seriously, guitar? I mean, isn’t that every loser’s dream? To learn guitar and impress girls. I have my girl sitting in front me; I don’t need anyone else.

She: Hey, what do you mean by ‘losers’, haan? I find guitarists very hot. (With a wicked smile)

He: Ahhaa! Now we know what to look for, don’t we? (Smiling)

She: Shut up!

He: Ok ok. Let’s not bring up that topic. I’m too tired to fight now. I know you’ll find someone… (He grunts as he tries to ease in his bed)

>> She comes near the bed to help re-arranging the pillows; making sure he’s comfortable

She: Is that okay now?

He: ‘What’ is okay?

She: I meant if you’re comfortable now, stupid.

He: (Looking straight at her eyes) Come to me.

>> She shifts her chair very close to his bed. He extends his hands. She responds, and rests her head on his chest. He looks chillingly relaxed. Like never before.

He: (Starts playing with her hair) Now, listen to me. I know you will want to interrupt, but please let me finish. My parents will be back anytime now, and I want to finish before that. Agreed?

She: Hmm (With a very slow tone as she eases her head on his chest and closes her eyes. She looks extremely relaxed too).

He: (Continues playing with her hair) You know this could be the last time we are actually talking. After this chemo, I may not be able to speak as fluently as I do now. Before you reached hospital, I had been thinking for hours about everything I should talk about. Those sedatives help (Smiling). And you know, I couldn’t find much to talk about. Saying “I love you” and you replying to me would make a lot of sense but we know that already. Don’t we?

She: (Still her eyes closed) I love you.

He: (Smiling) I love you too baby! Now, don’t interrupt. (Continues) People say love happens only once in life. With all due respect for all those philosophers, I think that’s bullshit. Every individual is different. At the same time, there could be a lot of similarities between two people. What I mean is, there are a lot of great people around you and I’m sure you’ll find one. Of course the poor guy has to go through two tough level of interviews with my parents. (Smiling)

>> 5 seconds of silence

He: You’re the best thing that happened to me. Shit, that sounds so filmy! (Both smile, but with wet eyes). But, I’m just a small part of your life – your long and beautiful life. I wish I were around but then I know you will do just as fine even if I’m not. Promise me you will take care of yourself. And yes, try to visit my parents if you get time. You know how much they love you, don’t you?

>> He doesn’t expect answer from her as he feels the warmth of her tears on his chest.

>> He continues playing with her hair.

4 thoughts on “I Have Got a Lot of Time

  1. Akhilesh

    so well written…I am sure in the course of reading every individual will make him/her as a part of the conversation and will realize that they have attached to it so closely…
    Well Done man…
    Keep it up…
    Never let the ink of your pain get dry…

  2. Mitrabhanu Tripathy

    my best beloved…. I’m feeling so great to say that your writing is gradually filling a sedative layer of affection towards….. women…. really.

    but your story still missing some annoying prologue …

    let it be disseminated….

    great… tranquility comes to this uncouth soul, a misogynist… busy drastically to module nothing….

    thanks marsat… for blowing fresh air inside my mind… love you and your stuff…

    good night for a fresh blow of air…..

    thanks again

  3. suchi

    I truly agree with mr.tripathy…
    Hats off…
    I regret being so late 2 read such a beautiful stuff..
    Dont wanna say more..
    Luking forward for another piece soon and alwaz

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