Always at Your Service


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any incident or any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

She: I don’t want to talk to you.

>> He tried to control his laugh but wasn’t able to stop the signal from reaching the other end.

He: Why baby? What happened?

She: You’re laughing? Seriously?

>> He tries again to control. This time with a better result.

He: NO! Not at all. Tell me what happened.

She: I just don’t want to talk to you.

He: Please now! Tell me.

She: Forget it! Just…

He: (He just can’t stop the laughter) Is that why you called me? To ‘not’ talk to me?!

She: Bye. Sorry to disturb your laughter session!

>> She hangs up. He knows he’s in a bit of trouble now. He runs a query in his mind to find unique ways to say sorry while he dials her number and hears the phone ringing.

She: (Angry voice) What?

He: Nothing madam! Tell me what’s going on.

She: (Same angry voice) Your laughing session is over?

He: Yes… No… Sorry. I wasn’t laughing. Well, I was laughing but not at you. Not at all. Sorry! Please. What happened? Tell me.

She: You could have at least held my hand when I left the hospital. At least for a few seconds.

He: But you know, my parents and doctors were there and…

She: I know who was there and who wasn’t. And you’re behaving like they don’t know about us.

He: Oh, I’m sorry sweety. Why are you being so filmy! This is just my third chemo. I’m sure I’m not going to die anytime soon.

She: Why do you speak of things like that? You want ‘me’ to die?

He: Sush! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

>> 5 seconds of silence and a faint sound of sobbing

He: Sorry! Please baby, don’t make me any weaker than I already am.

She: No no no. Not at all. It’s just…

>> 5 seconds of silence

She: Can I be there tomorrow?

He: Of course you can. Why not?

She: God! I should not have left the hospital at the first place. I’m stupid!

He: You know the rules. They won’t allow more than two visitors per patient.

She: Hmm I know. (Excited voice) I was thinking if aunty can stay in my room tomorrow and I and uncle be there with you…

He: Ma will never agree to that.

She: Can’t you even talk to her about this?

He: Oh my sweet darling! You know I can’t.

She: Please. Please at least try once.

He: Okay dear, I’ll ask her. Fine?

>> 5 seconds of silence

He: Hey, you talked to that guy Papa was talking about. He showed me the pic today. Really, looks like a hero. Very handsome. Working in Switzerland, the dream honeymoon destination of every newly married. What say? Haan..

She: (Angry voice) Please stop it. Please!

He: Sorry! Sorry again… Cool down mam!

She: You know I have never felt like I’ve never seen my parents after I met uncle and aunty. I’m not sure if my own parents would have loved me so much. But I really don’t understand why they have to create a matrimony profile for me! I just don’t want to get married. I want to be with you. As long as I can. Please baby, don’t leave me! Please! (Ends up sobbing)

He: Hey! I’m not going anywhere. Please baby! You know I’ll always be around. Please don’t cry. Please. You’re all the strength I have. Please.

She: (In control) Hmm. I’m not crying. You take care. Go back to your room.

He: Yes, I need to go back. That nurse has given me 3 warnings already. She’s really hot by the way.

She: (Light laughter) Stupid! Go back to bed. Say good night to uncle and aunty.

He: And for me?

She: Be there with me always. Please.

He: Sure mam. Always at your service. Good night.

She: Good night. Take care.

He: Yes yes. You too take care. The sexy nurse is staring at me again. I have to go now or she may ask me out. Bye.

>> He hangs up.

She: Bye.

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  1. Mitrabhanu Tripathy

    nicely portrait … you are so good at perception of woman’s behavioral concept

    how you got…. this immense personification of the human nature.. you are having lots of hidden experience… some of them are revealed and some are still crypted inside your cute heart….

    make it a fullfledge fiction….

    Take care…

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