The Virtue of Ignorance


I believe in the virtue of ignorance
And naivety makes all sense
Maybe all I long for is peace
Answers; not another set of questions.

Sometimes, I doubt the reality
And I must be leery of truth
Maybe I need to close my eyes
And dream – a world of comforting lies.

Maybe all I want is a slumber
And solitude; nothing to look for
To care the least about all
And wander in my dream. Forever.

Tera Hisaab Kya Tha


Kuchh mansoobe dil ke
Zamaane ki suna nahi karte
Ke hisaab ke ghulam
Dil ke faisle nahin hote.

Hisaab ka ghulam hai jo
Majboor kehlata hai
Koi karz se aur koi farz se
Bandha rehta hai.

Bewafai se ghayal nahin
Kuchh sawaal se pareshan tha
Ke bewafa yeh bata
Teri majbooriyan kya thi, tere mansoobe kya the, tera hisaab kya tha…

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance any incident or any person living or dead is purely coincidental

For a Thousand Years


I froze time for a thousand years
Walking on the edges of spears
With a burden of emptiness
And absurdity of nothingness.

There was a book of empty pages
That I kept reading for ages
In the darkest of skies in evening
I never found a silver lining.

The darkness of every light
Invisible everything in sight
Loud and deafening silence
And numbness of every sense.

Not another soul with me
With all faith and blasphemy
I froze time as it appears
At least for a thousand years.

So Little Time


There are so many places to see
So many people to meet
So many questions to answer
So many puzzles to solve
So many games to play
So many books to read
So many movies to watch
So many songs I’d try to sing
So many things I’d try to do
So many words I’d try to rhyme
Yet so little time…

You’re Perfect; I’m not


You’re perfect; I’m not.

I still breath
Heart still pumps the blood
I can still smile
Walking alone in a busy road.

It is not the same
As it used to be with you
But Life has taught
How it goes on without you.

I was wrong at times
You were always right
It was my weakness
We had to have a fight.

I realize what you were
Every time I meet someone else
I object again and again
To put on rest my case.

You must know
I really tried a lot
But I lost the fight from life
Wondering if I ever had a shot.

You’re perfect; I’m not.

The Game


Wondering in a sleepless night
If I could just quit
The game I know I’d lose
And no candle of hope is lit.

Loss will be mine and hard to deal with
Pain same as my throat slit
But for a reason I don’t know of
I just can’t quit.

I guess it is an old habit
It is me against myself
Or my heart against my brain in a fight
And I wish I could just quit…