10 Things to Dump


I’m writing this post for IndiBlogger IndiSpire (Edition 42). The topic is to list 10 things to dump in 2015.

What I have listed below is not something like a new year resolution. This list has things which I have always been trying to get rid of and I’ll always try. This list is a reminder of what I have learnt in life so far; what to hold on to and what to let go.

I want to stop

  1. Buying things I don’t actually need
  2. Waiting for the right moment to do something good
  3. Believing that people can’t change
  4. Judging people based on what I’ve heard about them
  5. Believing in a theory without proper research
  6. Pampering people who don’t deserve it
  7. Taking important people in my life for granted
  8. Remaining silent when I should actually speak
  9. Speaking when I should actually listen to others
  10. Believing that life is a movie and I’m the hero