400 Miles in 100 Seconds


November 2016 – Driving through the Death Valley National Park, Valley of Fire National Park and Lake Mead. Captured using Live Pictures in iPad Pro and stabilized and compiled using Google Motion Stills app.

Bushkill Falls in 25 Seconds


This video is a compilation of a few live pictures captured with my iPhone SE dring our visit to the beautiful Bushkill falls trail in October 2016. I used Google Motion Stills app to stabilize images and compile the video.

JNV Days – The Love Stories


The Common Story (of all boys)

For a lot of boys in JNV, ‘love’ was more of an excitement of falling in love with someone instead of actually falling in love. It is really difficult to notice the difference – especially when you’re in school and again, if you don’t want to notice the difference.

The boy sees a pretty girl, and a story starts. The concept is sometimes as simple as that. Before the boy has any idea of what’s happening, his friends pitch in and explain that he’s met the love of his life and from that point his only aim should be to talk with her. The boy wants that to be true. You know, you’re sometimes the best person to convince yourself of something.

JNV is a residential school. From the perspective of the boy, there is a lot of opportunities for him to get a glimpse of the girl. If you’re in the same class, you have at least 6 hours of subjects together everyday. Even if you’re not in the same class, there are lot of other activities – the girls’ queue to the dining hall, to the administrative building, to the evening prayer, and some boys even followed girls to highly restricted places too (I’m not going to go into the details).

Even after a lot of effort, which mainly consisted of shy glimpses, most of the boys failed to even start a conversation with the girl, let alone professing love.

But not all.
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The States Diary – Page 2


< < This post is dedicated to the wonderful people in Ewing. I miss you all. >>

On 28th July, I completed one year in the United States. Thanks to Facebook, I was notified about the same with the status update a year back:

It has hardly been a day and I’m already missing the irregularities and chaos among many other things.

The last entry in The States Diary is more than 9 months old now. And, like I have mentioned in my last entry, there is not just as much ‘excitement’ here for me as it was in Mumbai. Anyways, I have visited a few places here in the last 9 months and although I said that the stay hasn’t been exactly “exciting”, the trips were definitely memorable to say the least.

After the last post, which was in October 2014, it was time to welcome the winter. If you’re in the east coast of the States, you can very easily comprehend the emotion behind the famous Games of Thrones dialogue – “Winter is coming!“. You just can’t plan anything in those 4-5 months. The greenery goes away and it’s black and white everywhere. You have to clean your car everyday before you can drive it to office. Your car wheels may not obey your steering wheel if the roads are icy. You have to wear clothes of weight more than yours before you leave from your home. There are a lot of reasons for people to hate winter. But, I somehow liked it – may be because it was the first winter for me here. The other reason can very well be the fact, as people told me, that it was not as bad as the previous year.

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The Virtue of Ignorance


I believe in the virtue of ignorance
And naivety makes all sense
Maybe all I long for is peace
Answers; not another set of questions.

Sometimes, I doubt the reality
And I must be leery of truth
Maybe I need to close my eyes
And dream – a world of comforting lies.

Maybe all I want is a slumber
And solitude; nothing to look for
To care the least about all
And wander in my dream. Forever.

I’m Sorry!


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any incident or any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Caution: Please don’t read this story if you’re looking for a happy ending or just an ending for that matter.

[Prequel to Always at Your Service]

He enters the cafeteria with a dramatic but imaginary background music in his head. He knows the area she prefers for the afternoon tea. And she was there.

As he reaches towards them, all her friends in the table divine something very interesting. They drop their discussion, which was more or less useless for them anyway, and wait for him. And when he is finally there, everyone looks at him, except for her who was looking at her empty cup, and except for him who was looking at her after waving his hands with a soundless ‘Hi’ to everyone.
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JNV Days – The Slap Stories


With all due respect for all my teachers in school, I must point here out that hitting a 11-12 year old is hardly ever an act of a grown up. In JNV, those 11-12 year olds stay away from their parents and are in the phase of learning a hell lot of things to do on their own. Those kids look up to the teachers in search of love and care they were used to from their parents. Having said that, I must also add that I have witnessed some very devilish minds in my school who could only be tamed with a slap in the correct cheek. 🙂

I wasn’t exactly a ‘Devil’. In fact I was one of the good students in the school (at least officially ;)), but I have got some slaps registered on my cheeks too. Here are few I remember:

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